“I would highly recommend BGG2GS for the newbies on the Doctoral scene , especially those who need a mentor or well constructed advice from a successful Doctoral candidate such as Malika. Malika/BGG2GS truly does care about seeing others be as successful as she is and is truly determined to offer a service that allows others that possibility. Professional, courteous, caring i highly recommend BGG2GS to all Doctoral newbies.”

“BGG2GS helped me out the most with my grad school application essay. She even reviewed it twice before I sent it in. Being a black woman, I valued her opinion the most because she had been exactly where I’ve been and knew exactly how to help me.”

“I found BGG2GS when i made up my mind to pursue my Doctoral studies. Mind you i had no clue as to where to begin but through BGG2GS they walked me through the process via timely posts that explained what to expect during the entire process including the SOP. Amazingly part of BGG2GS is that they offer to review your Statement of Purpose ..for free. I couldn’t believe it. I sent Malika the SOP not sure what to expect, but the care and concern she put into the revision of my SOP shocked me. It proved to me that she genuinely cared and was serious about the service she was offering . I am in awe of BGG2GS and believe this is the best kept secret on Instagram.”

“Best experience ever! I found BGG2GS at a time when I felt like giving up and walking away from my PhD journey. The guidance and support I received was invaluable. BGG2GS gave me feedback and suggested ways to make my paper better. More than the help i received, the experience of working with a black woman who wasnt scared to see another black woman rise was the best part.”

“I really enjoyed my experience working with Malika; she extended a helping hand during my graduate school application, going above and beyond my expectations. As a result of my experience working with her, a passion to give back has been instilled within myself: to assist other black men/women in getting into graduate school. I utterly support the cause!”

“Great! BGG2GS was very supportive. I received in-depth feedback and commentary very promptly. Furthermore, I received great edits and suggestions, as well as follow-up questions to make sure that my content was representative of my goals and endeavors. I was also provided references to relevant blogs that Black Girls 2 Grad School have posted in the past, so that I may implement certain methods into my grad school application process.”

“Working with black girls guide to 2 grad school was an amazing one Ms. Grayson responded promptly she also sent my essay back with corrections and constructive criticism with in a day or two her assistance was very helpful and greatly appreciated”

“Yes, I would absolutely recommend her to others she’s providing a great service and hopefully more people will take advantage of the assistance.”