As only the second black woman to graduate with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from my graduate institution, I have been faced with many challenges. It was important for me to use my journey to help other black women who are working the same path and may feel alone. Black Girls Guide To Grad School  was born from my passion of increasing the number of minority women who matriculate through graduate school by sharing my journey and shaping theirs through tips, motivation, mentorship and advice.

Black Girls Guide To Grad School is here to support through any aspect of the journey. From personal statement revisions, to one on one mentorship for dealing with challenges throughout the graduate journey. While I specialized in a STEM degree, I think of all our graduate journeys as one. As we continue to advance and create an environment where our future leaders include strong black women, this platform provides a place where challenges on the journey to success can be shared.


“Best experience ever! I found BGG2GS at a time when I felt like giving up and walking away from my PhD journey. The guidance and support I received was invaluable. BGG2GS gave me feedback and suggested ways to make my paper better. More than the help i received, the experience of working with a black woman who wasnt scared to see another black woman rise was the best part.”

“I would highly recommend BGG2GS for the newbies on the Doctoral scene , especially those who need a mentor or well constructed advice from a successful Doctoral candidate such as Malika. Malika/BGG2GS truly does care about seeing others be as successful as she is and is truly determined to offer a service that allows others that possibility. Professional, courteous, caring i highly recommend BGG2GS to all Doctoral newbies.”

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